LeJazzAffair97-110106.mp3 Description:
Mulgrew Miller Trio – If I should Lose You Website
Jazzjet – Groove Merchant Website
Hocus – Some Where Else Website
Maria Calfa-DePaul – A Little Bit Of Heaven Website
Frank Valdex – S.O.S – Jazz General 4:00 Website
John Dierckx – CJC Don’t Catch Me – Jazz General 3:35 Website
The Windows File Shredder Article Site
Apple signs deal with Cingular: iPhone confirmed? Article Site
Hack Attack: One-click DVD rips Article Site
LeJazzAffair98-110506.mp3 Description:
Bob Baldwin – Day-O Website
Phil Kelly and The Santa Ana Winds – Jeannie Website
Sara Gazarek – So This is love Website
Alex Graham – Explosion Website
Mind Movie – Cinco De Mayo Website
VMWare's Fusion begins private beta Article Site
IBM to Add Podcasting to Curriculum at University of Arizona Article Site
How to: Make a Ringtone From any MP3 Article Site
LeJazzAffair99-110806.mp3 Description:
Dan Papariny – What IS It Website
Filmore North – Where Were You When I Wrote This Groove Website
Somewhere Off Jazz Street – Back To The Cool Jazz Website
Groove Channel – Deep Into The Groove Website
Larry Williams – SMUCH Jazz Cool 6:17 Website
Macbook Core 2 Duo Is Finally here! Article Site
Mac OS X: Hacked to Run on White Box PCs? Article Site
Microsoft to pay Novell $348 million under Linux pact Article Site
LeJazzAffair100-111206.mp3 Description:           *****       100th PodCast     *****
Chris Botti – When I See You Website
Kelly Lee Evans – Lead Me Closer fight or flight Website
The Carter Trio – On a misty night Website
Burt Brion – Sunrise Serenade Website
Flohism – Armour Of God Website
Joseph Tiscareno – Espresso Headline Website
Bill LeFaive – Orlando Website
Zune Reviews: It's OK, But No iPod Article Site
Making It Mainstream: Dell Adopts Opteron Article Site
Judge orders RIAA to justify its piracy charges Article Site
LeJazzAffair101-111506.mp3 Description:
Rick Braun RSVP Website
Virgina Ramirez Don Alen. Website
Tyler Rice – Daybreak Website
Sea Wind – Ridin The Wind. Website
Um Som – Disraeli Road Website
Patrick Greene - Amp Website
Ted Vieira – Perfect Night Website
Jazz Cruise:
Smooth Jazz Cruise Jan 20 – 27 Caribiean Ports of Call Cruise Site
Latin Music Cruise Jan 27 – Feb 3 Cruise Site
LeJazzAffair102-111906.mp3 Description:
Monika Herzig – Just Something Fun. Website
The Chris Walden Big Band – In The Dog House. Website
George Cables – 5 Will Get Ya 10. Website
Gumbi Ortiz – Miami. Website
John Klemmer – My Heart Is Yours Forever. Website
Tid Bits:
Ballmer: Linux users owe Microsoft. Article Site
Gates praises iPod, labels Zune a "modest" competitor Article Site
LeJazzAffair103-112206.mp3 Description:
Al Daniels – The Falls. Website
Axiom – Knowing That I have You. Website
Insout – Toys Room. Website
Trio Mission – Pirite. Website
Wayne Gerard – Soul Mate. Website
Rebecca Havland – I found You.= Website
Tid Bits:
How To Build A PC -- The Tom's Hardware Guide. Article Site
Bringing Skype to the Next Level: Netgear WiFi Phone Article Site
Steven Spielberg says, 'He doesn't want his Movies to be viewed on iPods' Article Site
LeJazzAffair104-112606.mp3 Description:
Blue Mile - Find My Way Back. Website
Beeble Brox - For McCoy. Website
Les Baxter Factor – Heart Pursues Heart. Website
Lindsay Winn - Art of Making Love. Website
Bill Dickson - African Sunset. Website
Tid Bits:

BELIEVE it or not, the email has just turned 35 Article Site
World’s first: download-to-own movie service Article Site
How To Bypass The Zune's WiFi Sharing DRM Article Site
LeJazzAffair105-113006.mp3 ****************************************************************************************
*                                                                             Happy 1st Anniversary                                                                        *
Gail Marten - Always There. Website
East Of West – Crossing Borders. Website
Jazz Jet – Slider. Website
Alan Hewitt –Soleil . Website
Peter Morgan – Saint John. Website
Jenny Davis – Joy Spring . Website
Greg Adams – Life in The Key Of Blue. Website
Doug Markley – The Party. Website
Trent Austin – 8 Pak. Website
Chris Bayne – Holiday . Website
Phil Sheeran – Orchid. Website
Gail Marten – Dream With Me. Website
Tid Bits:
Invention: Body-wired headphones Article Site
Get Crystal-Clear Skype Calls Article Site
Hidden Program In Windows XP Article Site

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