Shiver Song"04:09 Patrick Cornelius - Shiver Song"
From "Maybe Steps" Artist Website

1000 Rainbows"08:48 Jim Rotondi - 1000 Rainbows"
From "1000 Rainbows"Artist Website

Cheryl"16:01 Yotam Silberstein - Cheryl"
From "Next Page" Artist Website

Free MAn"23:37 Brandon Wright - Free Man"
From "Boiling Point" Artist Website

Ting-A-Ling"30:09 Five Play Jazz Quintet - Ting-A-Ling"
From "Auraline" Artist Website

Fascinating Rhythm"36:00 Sophie Berkal Sarbit - Fascinating Rhythm"
From "The Gyspy In My Soul" Artist Website

A Day Like Any Other"43:36 Patrick Cornelius - A Day Like Any Other"
From "Maybe Steps"Artist Website

Maybe Steps"Background Music - Patrick Cornelius - Maybe Steps"
From "Maybe Steps"Artist Website




El NIno"02:55 Afro Bop Alliance - El Nino"
From "Una Mass" Artist Website

57th STreet Mambo"10:11 Bobby Sanabria - 57th Street Mambo"
From "Big Band Urban Folktales"Artist Website

Besame Mucho"16:38 Joe Gaeta and Cengiz Yaltkaya - Besame Mucho"
From "Almost Real" Artist Website

Collega"24:06 Edward Simon - Colega"
From "Edward Simon" Artist Website

La Portenita"29:34 Rudy Albano - La Portenita"
From "Magic Corner" Artist Website

Sugar Cane Train"35:48 Dark Chocolate - Sugar Cane Train"
From "Island Gypsy" Artist Website

I've Got You Under My Skin"40:02 Yolanda Duke - I've Got You Under My Skin"
From "Many Moods"Artist Website

Along Came Betty"47:42 Afro Bop Alliance - Along Came Betty"
From "Una Mass" Artist Website

Cherry Blossom"Background Music - Afro Bop Alliance - Cherry Blossom"
From "Una Mass" Artist Website




Some Times I'm Happy"03:37 Erin Dickins -Sometimes I'm Happy"
From "Nice Girls" Artist Website

Peace LOve And Cash Flow"07:49 Sam Morrison - Peace Love and Cash Flow"
From "Miles Away"Artist Website

The SHort End"15:29 The Jazz Factory - The Short End"
From "Field Work" Artist Website

Nice Girls Don't Stay For Breakfeast"22:59 Erin Dickins -Nice Girls Don't Stay For Breakfeast"
From "Nice Girls" Artist Website

Five Points Right"27:48 Something Four - Five Points Right"
From "According To The Laws Of Chance" Artist Website

Back For More"35:54 Hadley Caliman - Back For More"
From "Gratitude" Artist Website

Ain't Nothin New"41:45 Stan Bock Ensemble - Ain't Nothin New"
From "Your Checks In The Mail"Artist Website

Some Times I'm Happy"52:45 Erin Dickins -Can't We Be Friends"
From "Nice Girls" Artist Website

Nice Girls Don't Stay For Breakfeast"Background Music - Erin Dickins -Nice Girls Don't Stay For Breakfeast"
From "Nice Girls" Artist Website


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Alice In Wonderland"03:25 The Hal Galper Trio - Alice In Wonderland"
From "Trip The LIght Fantastic" Artist Website

The Scene Is Clean"07:22 Grant Stewart -The Scene Is Clean"
From "Around The Corner"Artist Website

Nothing Like You"14:13 The Kevin Hays Trio - Nothing Like You"
From "You've Got A Friend" Artist Website

I've Got It All"21:45 Earl Macdonald - I've Got It All"
From "UCONN Jazz" Artist Website

12 Short Years"27:33 George Kahn - 12 Short Years"
From "Midnight Brew" Artist Website

Cinnamon and Clove"37:25 Angela Hagenbach - Cinnamon and Clove"
From "The Way Tehy Make Me Feel" Artist Website

Get Up And Go"48:41 The Hal Galper Trio - Get Up And Go"
From "Trip The LIght Fantastic" Artist Website

Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out Tod Dry"Background Music - The Hal Galper Trio - Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry"
From "Trip The LIght Fantastic" Artist Website


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Description: Happy 6th Anniversary

Bouncing With Bud"03:22 The Brad Bietry Group - Bouncing With Bud"
From "Skylark" Artist Website

What I'd Say"13:03 Jim Rotondi - What'd I Say"
From "Blues For Brother Ray"Artist Website

Fear Of Roaming"19:06 The Seamus Blake Quartet - Fear Of Roaming"
From "Live In Italy" Artist Website

Time After Time"32:15 Orrin Evans - Time After Time"
From "Freedom" Artist Website

Joy Spring"38:59 Alexis Cole - Joy Spring"
From "Very Early" Artist Website

What Now My Love"42:34 Diane Marino - What Now My Love"
From "On The Street Where You Live" Artist Website

Taint Whatch Do"46:41 Erin Dickins -Taint Whatcha Do"
From "Nice Girls" Artist Website

Green Dolphin Street"49:38 Jenny Davis - Green Dolphin Street"
From "Inside You" Artist Website

Ben and Jerry's Delight"54:04 Ricky Sweum - Ben And Jerry's Delight"
From "Pulling Your Own Strings" Artist Website

Keep"58:37 The Here and Now Quintet - Keep"
From "Break Of Day" Artist Website

Phildelphia"1:04:55 Curfew - Philadelphia"
From "Return Of The Jazz Fusioneers" Artist Website

Draw The Line"1:13:39 Nelson Rangell - Draw The Line"
From "To Begin Again" Artist Website

Sweetness 34"1:17:52 Dotsero - Sweetness #34"
From "Fresh Pants" Artist Website

Spring Is Here"1:22:26 Thomas Marriott - Spring Is Here"
From "Flexicon" Artist Website

Stage Mom's Dellema"1:29:21 The Brad Bietry Group - Stage Mom Dillema"
From "Speak Like A Bostonian" Artist Website

Always There"1:38:32 Gail Martin - Always There"
From "Pure Joy" Artist Website

Universal Vibration"Background Music - The Brad Bietry Group - Universal Vibration"
From "Speak Like A Bostonian" Artist Website